We Support Your Business to Improve Your Brand and Sales

Our Beliefs

1. Every Person has something to Sell, Purchase or Connect

2. Every Business has an Audience to Sell

3. In Business 1 + 1 can be more than 2

Our Aim

Promote Business

We create all possible marketing methods or channels that can help you promote your business, products, services or any offerings in both Online and Offline.

Generate Sales

We provide you the tools, opportunities and also generate the markets for you to sell. Opportunities can be in the form of Meets, Forums, Events, Delegations or even Online.

Increase Brand

We shall help you to increase your brand and reputation keeping the trust about you and your business intact. We help you get more referrals and repeat customers.

"A platform to ensure people meet, greet, exchange and build a brand & trust among people who can in-turn help to increase sales"

Our Activities

Locality Meets

Locality based Meetings to help businesses grow in the area. Our locality activities include fortnightly meetings of all members to create a rapport between them, Execute local promotional activities, Business Melas, etc.. We also execute Community activities for the betterment of the Society and Locality

Industry Forums

Our Industry Forums are unique and special. We invite businesses not from same industry or type of business, but all those businesses whose clients are of particular industry e.g. Manufacturing, Education, Healthcare, etc., We want members to exchange, collaborate or connect clients with ease and grow together.

B2B & B2C Events

We conduct an B2B or B2C Events once a month targeting particular audience based on particular demographics. The events could be general expos or targeted ones based on interest, business, orientation, culture, social-economic activities, etc.. Events are a great place to bring your clients to you rather than you going in search of them.


Many Governmentsand industry bodies always look out for business delegations for investments or improvements in business. ConnectMitra is in touch with many State Governments, Foriegn Consulates and Foreign Trade Organizations and We have the capacity to form delegations to help you grow your business.

Individual Attention

We understand your offerings and plan marketing or branding activities on your behalf. We provide you necessary Sales and Marketing Channels that increase your business. The channels could be in the form or 1-on-1 Connections, Generating Leads, Identifying Sales/Distributor Channels, JVs or creating the Market for your offerings.

Online Sales

While most of our activities are offline, ConnectMitra also has Online offerings to help you build your brand and reputation and increase sales. Our Tools are quite effective and can help you get noticed in the Internet. We utilize the power of Internet and Social Media to Generate Online leads or referral sales for your business.

Membership Benefits


Attend meets, events, conferences, programmes, etc., that can help you find your audience and market. You can attend as an individual or as part of a team or a delegation. Attending will help you to create better visibility and build the trust that leads to closing a sale.


Sell your products and services in all the channels that ConnectMitra and VartaMitra creates for you. They could be in your own locality, or in a Forum or an Event where you can either find your direct clients or collaborators who can help you find that client of yours.


Just the way you want to sell, you also have purchase needs for your business or family or for a holiday. ConnectMitra's Membership Card will help you get the best price and discounts for all your purchase needs, much better than what you would find in the open market.


ConnectMitra is not just business, It is also a place to socialize and connect with people in a lighter note. We also want to do something good for the society and your locality. By contributing to the Locality, you get noticed and your clients connect with you much faster.

Upcoming Events

Bengaluru Billionnaires Meet

An Awards Night and a Social event for 100 Billionnaires in Bengaluru


International Tourism Expo 2019

A 3 Day Tourism Expo and Tourism Summit Featuring various National and International Tourism Destinations for avid travellers. Comprises of International Pavilions, State Pavilions as well as to showcase Various types of tourisms.

Venue:Palace Grounds, Bengaluru

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Current Locality Meets

BTM Layout, Bengaluru

Contact: Er. Parthasarathy P V
Mobile : +91 9980940904

Rajajinagar, Bengaluru

Contact: Rajeeva Nagaraj
Mobile : +91 7204005399

Sanjayanagar, Bengaluru

Contact: Rajeeva Nagaraj
Mobile : +91 7204005399

Your Locality/City Not Listed?

Contact: Rajeeva Nagaraj
Mobile : +91 7204005399


VartaMitra is a Multi-Lingual Digital Daily News Delivery System. We provide daily dose of news in Kannada, English and Hindi Languages. Our Website is and our Android Mobile app can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

The Speciality of VartaMitra is the localisation and delivered of news on the basis of Local Area or District Wise. We have access to news from all the districts in the State of Karnataka.

VartaMitra also provides Public Relation (PR) Activities in any Print & Electronic media and Advertisements or Advetorials about your business or your offerings in VartaMitra

VartaMitra is the Backbone of Connect Mitra

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